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By Joshua Safran

“Are ya ready for G-d?!” Moses asks the Israelites in Parshat Beshalach, during their epic flight out of Egypt. With the miracle of G-d parting the Red Sea, narrator Joshua Safran — a women’s rights advocating attorney featured in award-winning documentary Crime After Crime and author of Free Spirit: Growing Up On the Road and Off […]

Beshalach: Let Them Eat Manna

By Eli Winkelman

Red Sea walkers, pull on those wetsuits and hit the rapids of Parshat Beshalach! This week’s narrator Eli Winkelman – a foodie with a hunger for social change – takes us on the scenic route out of Egypt, wading out of the Red Sea and into a land of bad food and water. Each week, […]

The Story of Nachshon

By Jonah Pesner

Get Your Feet Wet- it’s the Exodus! The Israelites are finally free, struggling to leave Egypt behind, but now they find themselves trapped not able to cross the sea. This is the story of what happens next. Rabbi Jonah Pesner breaks down the midrash and introduces us to Nachshon, a leader that walks right into […]