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Learn to sing Adamah V’shamayim (Adama V’shamayim)

Adamah V’shamayim is an increasingly popular song in the Jewish world, especially at camps and wilderness retreats. אדמה ושמים  means “Earth & Sky”.

Adama V’shamayim, Chom Ha’esh, Tzlil hamayim
Ani margish zot begufi, beruchi, benishmati.
Heya, heya, heya, heya, heya, heya, heya,ho
Heya, heya, heya, heya, heya, heya, heya,ho
Earth and sky, heat of fire, sound of water
I can feel it in my body, in my spirit, in my soul.

Learn this moving, chantlike song with this Jewish karaoke video recorded and painted by kids from Berkeley’s  Wilderness Torah  B’hootz program.

The development of this project was made possible by the generosity of the 

The development of this project was made possible by the Generosity of The Jewish Federation and The Jewish Community Foundation of the East Bay (JFED).

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Lyrics to Adamah V’shamayim

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