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Inbal Freund-Novick


Inbal Freund-Novick is an organizational consultant and Co-Founder of “The Unmasked Comics Project”, a social change comics venture with comics artist Chari Pere.

Inbal has been the director of Mavoi Satum, a Jerusalem-based organization dedicated to solving the social injustice faced by mesoravot get (women denied religious divorces) and helping those in need until Israeli and halachic legal solutions are determined.

As a 2006-07 Legacy Heritage (Wexner) Fellow at The Jewish People Policy Institute, Inbal studied Young Jewish Leadership, focusing on the generational gap between the institutional Jewish world and the younger generation. Previously, Inbal founded and directed Chaverim, a Jewish Studies learning community for new immigrants and Israelis on campuses across Israel. She has worked as an organizational consultant for Shatil, The New Israel Fund's empowerment and training center for social change organizations in Israel, and has interned at the Child and Adolescent Day Care Psychiatric Department at Hadassah Hospital.

A founding steering committee member of PICZ: the Presentense Institute for Creative Zionism, Inbal was the Kol Dor conference Co-Chair in 2007 and headed the interfaith dialogue task force of the World Jewish Diplomatic Corps. Inbal has also taught Hebrew and Jewish Studies in Manchester, England.

Inbal holds a B.A. in Psychology from Hebrew University and has studied for an M.A. in Social Psychology. During her university years, Inbal continued her Jewish education in the Chavruta program at Hebrew university and at Midreshet Lindenbaum. She has represented Hebrew University at conferences around the world, including Limmud (England), Brandeis Collegiate Institute (BCI) (U.S.A. -- California), and CEULAJ (Spain). In her free time, Inbal is a published poet with the "Mashiv Haruach" Jewish poets company and a member of the Yakar Beit Midrash and choir.

She loves taking long walks in the streets of Jerusalem with Yoel, her husband.


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