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Isaac Zones

Isaac Zones is a San Francisco based musician specializing in Jewish, spiritual, folk and family music. Isaac teaches music classes, leads prayer services, does concerts and performs for weddings and other celebrations. Isaac plays bigger shows with the uplifting Jewgrass dance band Shamati.

Isaac was born and raised in San Francisco where he attended Brandeis Hillel Day School and later graduated form Lowell High School. Isaac was bar-mitzvah’d at conservative Congregation Beth Sholom where he trained with Adi Weiss and Rabbi Alan Lew. Isaac attended Pomona College where he majored in Religious Studies and Mathematics.

Before prioritizing music as a profession Isaac led many Jewish young adult programs including being the founding director of Moishe House.

Isaac enjoys playing sports, exploring music, working for a more just society with fuller lives for all of us and spending time with family, friends and his loving partner Vivian.


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