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Lindsay Litowitz


Lindsay Litowitz is the Co-founder of Terranga, a Columbia University funded social enterprise which aims to make travel more authentic and impactful by helping travelers get off the beaten path, join locals for unique cultural experiences, and express gratitude by supporting their dreams.

Lindsay is a native of Miami with a passion for intercultural dialogue and program design. Traveling to over 25 countries, she has lived with local families in 5 countries and led immersive educational trips to Ukraine, Argentina and Israel, focused on enhancing the travel experience through meaningful cross-cultural experiences. She is a member of the ROI Community for Global Innovators, ​an Experience Designer a​t the Penn Social Impact ​House​ and active member of the TEDx community. She has organized large-scale TEDx conferences in Jerusalem, the United Nations and Columbia University. Previously, she was the Director of Strategic Communications for Jerusalem Venture Partners and built the first ​Birthright Israel ​NEXT office in South Florida, working with young adults to create authentic, sustainable microcommunities.

Lindsay received her BA in International Affairs and Political Science from the University of Florida and earned a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) with a focus on Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development.


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