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Explaining Jewish Mourning Rituals: Funeral After Miscarriage

Do Jews hold a funeral after miscarriage? The answer to this question is not a yes or no. In this short informational video Chai explains her experience creating a funeral after miscarriage with a friend and how she felt held by her community through this deeply personal and difficult time.

As she explains in the video, “My work as a Rabbi is to hold sacred space for people when they are going through life’s challenges and transitions. And I myself was going through a very difficult time. For years I was yearning to be a mom, going through infertility and miscarriages. And Jewish tradition did not really have a ritual to support me during that time. So I created one.”


This particular video on the explaining Jewish mourning rituals such as having a funeral after miscarriage is part of a larger series exploring the basics of Jewish Lifecycles. Jewish tradition is often specific. There are a myriad of Jewish subcultures and people, and the conversations in this series explores the array of choices people make in interpreting ritual today. Learn more about Jewish Wedding traditions, Jewish Mourning Traditions and Jewish Baby Traditions.

This project was made possible with generous support from The Koret Foundation, as part of its Initiative on Jewish Peoplehood.

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