Jewish Texts

From the Prophets and Writings to the Talmud, find quality educational resources that align with our animated videos.

BimBam Talmud Curriculum

This course guide is based on episodes produced by  independent artists for Studio G-dcast. Each part of the course guide is designed to introduce students, ages 15 and older, to a story from the Talmud and encourages students to reflect on the relationship between the Talmud story and the artists’ retelling of that story in film.

Recommended for students in grades 9-12

Talmud Character Map

Who are the characters in the Talmud? We’ve created a nifty little map to help you understand the relationships between the different characters. Enjoy!

Book of Joshua Lesson Guide

This lesson plan comes with warm-up, discussion, and theme questions for the three episodes of the Book of Joshua.The lesson plan includes in-depth film analysis activities, songwriting, drawing and even an opportunity for students to create their own anime avatars.

This curriculum was written by Evan Wolkenstein

Joshua Poster

A high resolution infographic that will look great in your classroom!

Bava Metzia 59a-b Source Sheet

This free source sheet tells the Talmudic story of the Oven of Achnai. Don’t forget to download the song and lyrics too!

Book of Joshua Source Sheet

This free source sheet includes the story of Joshua (Book of Joshua: Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8) in English and Hebrew.

Book of Joshua Song Lyrics

These lyrics are for the song “Time to be a Hero Now” with music and lyrics by Matt Ryd.

Book of Judges Lesson Guide

An in-depth lesson plan corresponding to our four Book of Judges films.

Samson Source Sheet

This free source sheet tells the story of Samson, the prophet (Book of Judges Chapter 13-16) and includes the Hebrew and English translation.

Gideon Source Sheet

This free source sheet tells the story of Gideon’s Victory (Book of Judges Chapters 6-8) and includes Hebrew and English translation.

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