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Gomel: A Jewish Blessing for New Moms and People Who Survive Danger

Having kids is sometimes hard. Giving birth to a baby is REALLY hard. Judaism has a neat ritual to mark getting through the experience. Watch this video to learn how to say the Gomel, a prayer new mothers can say to mark the end of a great accomplishment. It’s also said by anyone who survives a life threatening situation.

This particular video about Birkat HaGomel (ברכת הגמל “Blessing of Thanksgiving”) is part of a larger series exploring the basics of Jewish Lifecycles. Jewish tradition is often specific. There are a myriad of Jewish subcultures and people, and the conversations in this series explores the array of choices people make in interpreting ritual today. To learn more about Jewish Wedding traditions, Jewish Mourning Traditions and Jewish Baby Traditions please take a look at our collection of 20+ videos about rituals – old and new – presented through animation and interviews, here on our site.


The Lifecycles Project was made possible with generous support from The Koret Foundation, as part of their Initiative on Jewish Peoplehood. Based in San Francisco, the Koret Foundation supports groups like G-dcast that contribute to a thriving community enhancing the quality of life for all.

Koret Foundation

Gomel Blessing ‘Birkat Ha-gomel’

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