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Lox vs. Pastrami: Monsters of Jewish Deli, from Bava Batra 74b

Talmud, interpreted by emerging artists

What does the Talmud have to do with Jewish Deli? Monsters? A Behemoth? A Leviathan? Lox? Pastrami on Rye?

Have we lost you dreaming of Jewish Deli? The Talmud tells a story about two giant creatures who threatened the world: the Leviathan and the Behemoth. This animated short featured in a Jewish Deli describes what G-d did about them, what we can learn from them…and what it all has to do with delicious sandwiches.

Produced as a team by our “Studio Pastrami” group: twelve young adults who met in San Francisco throughout April 2013 to eat, learn, and make delicious art together.

Thanks to the animators, educators, writers, narrators, producers, and directors who contributed to this animated short including Aaron Mandel, Adam Eilath, Ben Kramarz, Ben Richeda, Ben Simrin, David Breslauer, Ellie Whiteley, Emily Bookstein, Hannah Gallagher, Lauren Wilner, Simone Wolk, Yelena Altman, Gabi Moskowitz, M. Evan Wolkenstein, Abby Taubman, Jeanne Stern, Sarah Lefton and Josh Sandifer. Huge kudos to San Francisco hosts at Terroir, Local’s Corner, Wise Son’s Deli and Faultline Studios.

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The development of this program was made possible in part by funds granted by the Covenant Foundation. The statements made and the views expressed in the individual projects, however, are solely the responsibility of the artists.

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