Get ready to fix the world with our Jewish animated cartoon series for kids.

Shaboom! is an animated series for Jewish kids and the people who love them.

Shaboom! combines the very best elements of children’s television with wisdom from Jewish traditions to teach everyday values through magic, comedy and silly songs. 

“We are bringing what we love about great kids’ entertainment to Jewish education,” Sarah Lefton, Creative Director and Founder says. “I listened to so many parents tell me that they want a Judaism that goes beyond the holidays. I have kids, so I know—holidays are great, but what busy moms and dads care about is getting through the everyday and raising mensches—great people.”

Shaboom! features “magical sparks” Gabi & Rafael who work to fix the world by helping out a regular family that makes a lot of meshuga (silly) mistakes. Each 10 minute episode focuses on a variety of everyday values like gratitude, saying I’m sorry, or helping others, plus teaches Hebrew vocabulary words with silly songs and goofy chants.

The Rosh Hashanah Special!

Rosh Hashanah, or the Jewish New Year, is a day where we celebrate by becoming better people. Watch this special Shaboom! Rosh Hashanah episode to see how Gabi and Rafi teach the Plony family a thing or two about Teshuva, or being your best self.

This episode is a great jumping off point for eating apples and honey, blowing the shofar, and learning about saying sorry. BimBam has videos about how to do all those things, so you have come to the right place! Shana Tova or have a sweet new year! 

Check out all our High Holiday Mega resources page.

Really, Really Sorry: Learning Slicha (Episode 10)

Everyone in the Plony house has something to feel a little sorry about – whether it’s breaking something, borrowing something without asking or making wrong accusations.

SHABOOM! Gabi and Rafael talk about SLICHA – or saying sorry. Apologies are more than just words in the Jewish tradition – they are ways of making things right. (Magic totally optional!)

Perfect family viewing for the High Holiday season and getting ready for Yom Kippur.

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