Jewish Sing Alongs

Learn the lyrics to common Jewish songs and prayers with our karaoke-style videos.

There’s a Dinosaur Knocking at my Door – the preschool song

It’s a beloved preschool Jewish song – There’s a Dinosaur Knocking on my Door! Sing along with Isaac Zones and this lyrics video and welcome Shabbat with your little ones in a fun way.

Dip the Apple Song

A great Rosh Hashanah song for kids is “Dip the Apple in the Honey” – it’s easy to learn and really fun for children to sing while they celebrate the sweet Jewish New Year by dunking apples in honey.

Join the cast of Shaboom! for a singalong your kids – and you – will love. Next up – learn the blessing over apples from our adorable preschool Rosh Hashanah blessing video.

How Do They Grow? An Israeli Tu B’shvat Sing Along

Learn to sing a sweet song in Hebrew with Inbal and Yair, who we visited in Jerusalem! The lyrics are by Datia Ben-Dor and here they are in Hebrew and English. Perfect for Tu B’shevat and all year. Enjoy!

איך צומח עשב? ככה
איך צומח פרח? ככה
איך חיטה צומחת? ככה
איך צומח ילד? ככה

How does grass grow? Like so!
How does a flower grow? Like so!
How does wheat grow? Like so!
How does a child grow? Like so!

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