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Simchat Torah: Parshat Bereshit

By Sarah Lefton

Parshat Bereshit brings us back to beginnings. What’s so good, that G-d called it so twice? Tuesday, of course! ?$%#! Tune in to the finale of BimBam’s Torah project in this week’s episode – Bereshit – to find out what that’s supposed to mean.

Jewish Mindfulness in Action

Being intentional with our actions is hard work! BimBam and B’nai Jeshurun worked together to create this animation with the synagogue’s 2015 B’nai Mitzvah class. In it we look at mindfulness and how it relates to living life with Jewish values always in front you. Keeping this mindset is important in everything from the botched sacrifices […]


By Jason Lieberman

A burning bush that talks would probably make most of us stutter, but Moses, or Moshe, had a speech impediment even before his divine shrubbery encounter. Why did God ask this shepherd “with a heavy tongue” to be a spokeman? Jason Lieberman, an advocate for the contemporary disabled, takes a stab at the answer. Please […]