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Q: An Ecclesiastes Game of Dark Fiction

An Ecclesiastes Game called Q short for Qohelet is an interactive visual novel inspired by the biblical book of Qohelet (Ecclesiastes).

This artful Ecclesiastes Game offers players an opportunity to engage in serious questioning about what life means and how it is best lived through a series of minigames, dialog, and choices made available to them.

Q is intended for older teens and adults. Through the Ecclesiastes Game, players learn the basic themes of Ecclesiastes. Including the meanings & importance of: hevel, Qohelet’s sources of vanity(overwork, hoarding, hedonism, etc.) and Qohelet’s sources of joy (food & drink in moderation, friendship/love). In this Ecclesiastes Game players gain comfort and familiarity with the primary arguments and philosophical positions in the text.  Players are also exposed to the the “big questions” stemming from issues in Ecclesiastes–e.g. purpose of life, value of power, value of labor.

Click below to download Windows, Mac & Linux versions:

This work was made by Layne Novak, BimBam’s 2014 Summer Ed/Tech Fellow. Thank you to the generous support of The Jewish Community Federation and Endowment Fund for making this work and this fellowship possible.

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