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Pesukei D’Zimra: Jewish Warm Up Prayer

By David Russo

How do Jews get ready to pray?

Every morning Jews warm up with a series of blessings known as the Pesukei D’Zimra. Learn more about this special warm up prayer with Rabbi David Russo of Anshe Emet Synagogue in Chicago.

This warm up prayer reminds us of the importance of prayer and that we should first become present before we pour ourselves over in the presence of G-d. Without the warm up, we might not take this whole prayer things as seriously.

This video was created at the Chicago Rabbinic Writers Lab, a program where 10 rabbis wrote Introduction to Tefillah videos in chevruta as a group.This series breaks down and explains major Jewish prayers so you can feel more knowledgeable and comfortable while attending a Jewish service. This is the second in that series, rolling out over spring of 2018.

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