Torah & Texts

Weekly Parsha: Shemini

By Dan Saks

Parshat Shemini is a bluegrass song about kosher animals! Learn about the death of Nadav and Abihu and Aaron’s reaction, then turn to a musical about the laws of keeping kosher.

The music in Shemini is so catchy that you’ll be singing it in the shower for the rest of the year. Just warning you. From dead priests to unkosher feasts, Shemini has got it going on. Music and Lyrics by DeLeon’s Dan Saks.

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Prophets is the English name for the books of the Hebrew Bible called Nevi'im in Hebrew. We have animated many stories from the Books of Joshua and Judges (Shoftim) and look forward to adding more storytelling in the future on these epic stories.

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Writings is the English name for the books of the Hebrew Bible, or Tanach, called Ketuvim in Hebrew. These animated shorts bring to life some of the texts in this rich book - from Megillat Esther to Megillat Ruth, from Mishlei (Proverbs) and from Tehillim (Psalms.)

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Talmud is the encyclopedic code of Jewish oral law and important commentaries on it. It is replete with not just legal writing but also storytelling - of varied types: moralistic, historical and fantastical. In these videos, we have brought to life some of the Talmud's "Greatest Hits" - stories that are frequently taught to illustrate a point in Jewish law, or to teach an important value. We're very proud of these videos, not just for sharing the stories effectively, but for adding a new layer of artistic interpretation to the millenia-old, still evolving, original hypertext document.

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Stories & Philosophy

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Community Made

Where community comes together to animate Jewish stories.  These are videos produced in collaboration with students of ours all over the world - from Kindergarten on up. Since our debut in 2008, hundreds of you have asked: “How can I help make a project?” or “What if my students could help make a project?” We listened! In 2012, we premiered STUDIO G-DCAST, a program that brings cohorts together to collaborate on short animated films. So far we have hosted Studio Berkeley, Studio Ramah, Studio Adas Israel and, thanks to a generous grant from The Covenant Foundation, BimBam offered 24 university students the chance to work in chevruta to transform classic Talmud stories into eleven animated shorts and one app. We’re excited to turn more BimBam fans into filmmakers and app developers. Who knows, maybe the next film we make will be with YOU! Contact | Tel: (415)935-4565 to learn more about making a video with us.

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