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12 Purim Basket Hacks: Creative Mishloach Manot

Here’s a few creative mishloach manot, or Purim baskets, that you can make if you really want to impress your friends. Have fun!

Chag Purim (Hava Narisha RASH RASH RASH)

Hava Narisha RASH RASH RASH! Learn the joyful Purim song that kids love. Note that people sing it two ways – Chag gadol l’yeladim, as Liron performs it  here (a big day for children) or Chag gadol L’Yehudim (A big day for the Jewish people) – both are great but since this is a website […]

Lakova Sheli Purim Sing-Along

Learn the words to Lakova Sheli – a song we sing for Purim. The lyrics mean My hat has three corners, and if it didn’t have three corners it wouldn’t be my hat. Think of it like a Jewish B-I-N-G-O song. Happy Purim!

Make your own Purim Gragger (or Grogger? Grager?!)

Learn to make your own Purim noisemaker, or gragger with stuff you can find around the house. On Purim it’s a mitzvah (commandment) to hear the megillah, or Book of Esther, read and each time we hear the name of the villain, Haman, we blot out his name with stomping, booing or using a grogger! […]

What is Purim?

Purim is a joyous holiday that recounts the saving of the Jewish people. The Purim story celebrates Esther’s bravery, Mordechai’s wisdom and BOOOOO Haman. Purim is a community celebration that includes the reading of the Scroll of Esther, called the Megillah. Some Jewish communities put on a Purim shpiel, or play, that usually pokes fun […]

The Purim Megillah: For Kids!

Learn the basics of the Purim Megillah in this fun short video lesson about the Jewish holiday scroll that tells the story of Esther, Mordechai and Haman.

Mishenichnas Adar Sing-Along for Purim

Learn the words to Mishenichnas Adar – a song we sing during ADAR – the happiest month of the Jewish calendar. The lyrics mean “When Adar comes in, we increase our joy!” It’s a popular song to sing during Adar, of course, but also around Purim time…happy Purim!

The Purim Story

Sometimes, someone has to take a stand to set things right. Sometimes…that someone…is YOU. Meet Esther, the young woman at the middle of the famous Purim story. Follow her as she gets swept up into history, leaving her jump rope, her people, and her cheering section behind…maybe.

Chad Gadya: Learn the words to the Passover song

Learn the words to Chad Gadya, the popular song that comes at the end of the Passover Seder! It’s a cumulative song, meaning each verse buidls on those before it and it’s really fun to try to try to sing the whole thing in one breath! This karaoke video with a performance by Jason Mesches […]

Courage: Ometz Lev (Episode #7)

The Plonys are camping out in the backyard, and everyone’s afraid of the dark. Can Lila, Ben and their parents overcome their fears of creatures, monsters and imagined scary things? SHABOOM! The Sparks share a lesson about Ometz Lev – courage of the heart – and everyone learns strategies for coping with new and uncomfortable […]