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Chag Purim (Hava Narisha RASH RASH RASH)

Learn the Purim Song for kids

Hava Narisha RASH RASH RASH! Learn the joyful Purim song that kids love.

Note that people sing it two ways – Chag gadol l’yeladim, as Liron performs it  here (a big day for children) or Chag gadol L’Yehudim (A big day for the Jewish people) – both are great but since this is a website for all kinds of families we went with children! Sing it however YOU like.

The lyrics mean

Purim time
Purim time
A big festival for the children

Masks, noisemakers
songs and dances.

Let’s make noise – “rash rash rash”
Let’s make noise – “rash rash rash”
Let’s make noise- “rash rash rash”
With our noisemakers.

Purim time
Purim time
we send gifts to one another

Treats, sweets
and other nice things.

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