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Shavuot is the most important Jewish Holiday most people have never heard of. From  all night study sessions to mountains of cheese, Shavuot finds incredible ways to celebrate receiving the Torah.

What is the Hallel?

By Josh Feigelson

Hallel is a Jewish prayer that is recited in community as an act of praise and gratitude on holidays like Passover, Sukkot and Shavuot. Learn more about this powerful prayer in this video featuring Rabbi Josh Feigelson of  the University of Chicago Divinity School. Hallel literally translates as “praise” and it is a way of […]

49 Facts about Counting the Omer

Straight from the BimBam (G-dcast) archives comes a silly but educational video about counting the Omer. In 2013, we brought together 30 individuals from Moishe House to write and record 49 facts about the Omer. We’re not going to give too much but the Omer is a verbal counting of each day between Passover and […]

DIY Jewish Paper Cutting: A Fun Craft Project for Kids 6+

Snip away at shiny origami paper to make beautiful paper “roses” to hang up for Shavuot or any time of year!  Follow this easy tutorial led by Berkeley artist Claire Sherman! This project is great for kids ages 6 and up and may require adult supervision due to the use of scissors.

The Book of Ruth: An animated music video

By Alicia Jo Rabins

The Book of Ruth tells of Ruth the Moabite choosing to make the Israelites her people. Ruth is well-loved for her loyalty to her mother-in-law Naomi and is often called Judaism’s most famous convert, or Jew by choice. Singer-songwriter Alicia Jo Rabins took the story and turned it into a delicate song, beginning the chorus with […]

The Ten Commandments: A rockin animated music video

By Naomi Less

Learn the Ten Commandments in a rocking, fun kids’ sing-along featuring Naomi Less! BimBam brings the Decalogue or the 10 Commandments to life for Shavuot with this catchy music video! The music is catchy, but that is not all, it is designed to teach kids about each of the Ten Commandments while learning about the Jewish […]