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The Ten Commandments: A rockin animated music video

By Naomi Less

Learn 'em, memorize 'em, celebrate 'em

Learn the Ten Commandments in a rocking, fun kids’ sing-along featuring Naomi Less!

BimBam brings the Decalogue or the 10 Commandments to life for Shavuot with this catchy music video! The music is catchy, but that is not all, it is designed to teach kids about each of the Ten Commandments while learning about the Jewish holiday of Shavuot. It also covers the amusing exploits of some villagers and their mischievous ways.

Naomi Less, hailed by PresenTense Magazine as the “Ultimate Jewish Chick Rocker” breaks gender stereotypes with her faith-driven, edgy, pop-rock riffs, soaring melodies and uplifting messages. Naomi combines her passion for education, Judaism and music to motivate audiences worldwide to work for change in the world. In 2008, Naomi founded Jewish Chicks Rock, encouraging young girls to pick up instruments and express themselves. Her strong character and unique voice amplify a powerful message to young women: be who you are, no apologies. Naomi gives her all in this animated piece. We hope that you watch, share it with your friends and sing-along.

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