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Why Does the Jewish Calendar Change Every Year?

Why do Jewish holidays move around on the calendar? Why do we have Chanukah sometimes on Thanksgiving? Find some answers and learn more about how the Jewish calendar works in this video featuring Joshua Mallett. The Hebrew calendar, or the Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar where as the Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar. […]

49 Facts about Counting the Omer

Straight from the BimBam (G-dcast) archives comes a silly but educational video about counting the Omer. In 2013, we brought together 30 individuals from Moishe House to write and record 49 facts about the Omer. We’re not going to give too much but the Omer is a verbal counting of each day between Passover and […]

The Ten Commandments Reaction Video: Kids Watch For the First Time

We’re not sure that Charlton Heston and Yul Brynner’s Ten Commandments has aged that well, despite the fact that we all grew up on it? You decide. Or let these grade school kids figure it out for you. Happy Passover from BimBam!

Make Your Own Family Tu B’shvat Celebration with Shaboom!

Celebrate Tu B’shvat by hosting or attending a seder. When we typically think of a seder, we think Passover and matzo ball soup. But actually, seder is just a Jewish term to describe a special meal that commemorates a certain holiday or story. The Tu B’shvat seder celebrates trees and its fruit. This little Shaboom […]

Who Knows One?

Who Knows One is a popular song to sing during Passover. Learn an English version of this Passover song that kids love called Echad Mi Yodea. It’s fun to sing along with Jason Mesches – havae a Pesach sameach! (Happy Passover.) Lots more Passover songs, introductions, apps, printables and how to videos are on our […]

Bedikat Chametz – The Hunt for Chametz

Bedikat chametz, or the hunt for chametz, is a wonderful ritual to try out with your family the night before Passover. In this short how to video, Piera and Josh explain how they set up a scavenger hunt for their young child and why it’s a meaningful part of Pesach for their family. Anyone can […]

Learn the words to Dayenu

Learn the Passover song “Dayenu,” and get ready for your seder! This short karaoke video will help you and your family practice saying the words together. Dayenu is all about giving thanks for all the wonderful things that God gave us…each thing on its own would have been enough. Have a wonderful Passover – chag […]

18 Minute Matzah Recipe

A great way to get in the Passover mood is to try baking your own matzah. It’s really hard to make it within 18 minutes, which is how fast you have to make it before it starts to rise, which is a Pesach no-no! You’re in for a treat! We worked with Gabi Moskowitz to […]

All the Respect: Kavod (Episode #5)

Papa Plony is obsessed with beating the Baloney family in the annual relay race. But when Yasmin flakes out on practice, and a new team member shows up with an unexpected physical difference – he panics. SHABOOM! The Sparks come to the rescue with incredible upsie-downie magic, including an upside-down rainbow ramp, a giant stuffie […]

Welcoming Guests: Hachnasat Orchim (Episode #1)

Hachnasat orchim is the Jewish value of making guests feel welcome. Learn how to be a good host in this episode of Shaboom! In our very first episode, kids learn about hachnasat orchim, or how to welcome guests at home. Being a good host means making your guests feel welcome by making them feel genuinely […]