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Chanukah Oh Chanukah lyrics video

In this lyrics video, you can learn a beloved Chanukah song in both English and its original Yiddish! Shaboom! is proud to present our favorite Jewish song leader Isaac Zones in this singalong…so raise your voice, party down and Happy Chanukah to you!

The Chanukah Shaboom! Special

Can the Plony family get the house ready in time for their Chanukah party? Looks like they are in need of a Chanukah miracle. Watch this special Chanukah episode to see how Gabi and Rafi fix the world, one Chanukah party at a time. This episode is a great jumping off point for playing dreidel, […]

Make Pakoras for Chanukah with Chef Raj Abassi

Jewish Indian chef Raj Abassi teaches us how to make pakoras for Chanukah! Pakoras are fried snacks, from India, typically made with different vegetables like eggplant, potato and spinach. It’s not a potato latke, but it’s all about the oil.   Raj’s Pakora Recipe   Ingredients 4-5 medium onions roughly chopped 2 medium potatoes peeled, […]

What is Hanukkah Or Chanukah?

Hanukkah, Chanukah. What is it? Join BimBam staffer Jeremy Shuback for an exploration of the holiday’s history, significance and rituals. Written by Rabbi Mark Melamut as part of a unique partnership called the Rabbis’ Writing Lab, and shot at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles, it’s a new format for BimBam and we hope you’ll like, […]

Dreidel Song: Learn How to Sing a Chanukah Classic

If you don’t already know the words to I Have a Little Dreidel, well, it’s a good thing you found this page! Get singing and find yourself a Chanukah party. And don’t forget to check out all our Chanukah videos and downloadables on our dedicated Chanukah Page. Apparently, this song also exists in Yiddish, we will have […]

How to Light and Bless the Chanukah Candles

Learn how to light and say the Jewish blessings over Chanukah candles in a real life preschool class! We are proud to partner with PJ Library to bring you this sweet tutorial. You can practice all three Hebrew blessings for Chanukah right along with us and the Shaboom! cast. Chanukah sameach – happy Chanukah!

Learn the Chanukah Story

Spin yourself back in time in this animated short to learn the story of Chanukah and why we celebrate miracles in the darkest and coldest part of the year. During this eight day and eight night festival of lights people around the world will light candles, play the game of dreidel and enjoy foods made with […]

Why Do Some Menorahs Only Have 7 Branches?

The Menorah has been a Jewish symbol and part of Jewish traditions for centuries. But you may have noticed that some menorahs have 7 branches and others have 8 branch? What’s the deal? Find some answers in our quick explainer video featuring Joshua Mallett. A seven branch menorah are where the candle holders are all […]

Why Does the Jewish Calendar Change Every Year?

Why do Jewish holidays move around on the calendar? Why do we have Chanukah sometimes on Thanksgiving? Find some answers and learn more about how the Jewish calendar works in this video featuring Joshua Mallett. The Hebrew calendar, or the Jewish calendar is a lunar calendar where as the Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar. […]

How It’s Made: Sufganiyot

Have you ever wondered how bakeries make jelly donuts? Well, we went over to Frena Bakery, one of the few kosher bakeries in the San Francisco Bay Area, to see how its made. The Hebrew word for jelly donut is sufganiyah (sufganiyot is the plural form). Sufganiyot are originally from Israel. Sufaniyot roughly translates to […]