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Why Do Some Menorahs Only Have 7 Branches?

The Menorah has been a Jewish symbol and part of Jewish traditions for centuries. But you may have noticed that some menorahs have 7 branches and others have 8 branch? What’s the deal? Find some answers in our quick explainer video featuring Joshua Mallett.

A seven branch menorah are where the candle holders are all on one line. There is no helper candle, or Shamash. This menorah once stood in Jerusalem’s temple and many synagogues today have these menorahs on the bimah (altar).

An eight branch menorah is known to many as the Hanukah menorah. On this menorah, the eight candle holders are all on one line with a ninth candle, or the helper candle (Shamash), out of placed in height or position. This menorah represents the miracle of Hanukah where the oil lasted eight days instead of one.

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