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Ariel Root Wolpe


Ariel Root Wolpe is a curious bird with ruffled feathers. At least, that's what she thinks lying in bed at 5:00 in the morning, awakened by dawn songs. Ariel can't stop singing, and as a result, she's wound up in a nest of melodies. They tell stories of being caught in the middle of big moments while the world keeps spinning around us, share dilemmas, heartbreaks, and the spiritual connection between our fingers, voices and hearts. Ariel says that her music aims to inspire common themes of humanity and give voice to the unspoken sentiments of society and within us all. But her poetic lyricism shares wingfuls of wise words and a soulful sultry sound unique to this intense young woman.

Ariel hails from Philadelphia and has been writing poetry and acoustic soul music since childhood; witnesses report her crooning for long stretches in her crib. Raised in an ethnically observant conserva-reconstructionist home, Ariel flew to Israel for a year where she began composing Jewish and spiritual music. While at Emory University, Ariel ran an open mic at Common Grounds Café on campus and performed in the Atlanta Jewish Music Festival. Her senior Year Ariel created the inter-religious CD “Spirit Sounds,” which features musicians from six religions and centers around coexistence, struggles of faith, and the spiritual force of music. In Ariel’s accompanying honors thesis on inter-religious music, she argues that interfaith music can convey fresh dimensions of understanding, raise up an individual within the context of a tradition and help build co-existence. Spirit Sound’s diverse voices and reflective lyrics leaves listeners inspired and hopeful for peace across difference.

Ariel currently sings and plays in a band in Oakland, CA, and is composing music for her next album. Her life is dedicated to crafting Jewish community and transformative musical experiences in the San Francisco Bay Area.


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