Torah & Texts

Parshat Nitzavim

By Dahlia Lithwick

"Signing" the Covenant

Moses lays it out for us this week in Nitzavim. We can choose life, or death. Blessing, or the curse. But, um, what’s behind Door Number 3? Dahlia Lithwick knows.

In this Torah portion, Moses describes the Covenant between God and the Israelites, and sets before them a choice. Hear more in this week’s animated short about the Torah portion.

Dahlia Lithwick writes about the courts and the law for Slate and hosts the podcast Amicus. Her work has appeared in the New Republic, Commentary, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Elle and on She is a weekly legal commentator for the NPR show, Day to Day. She is co-author of “Me v. Everybody: Absurd Contracts for an Absurd World” (Workman Publishing, 2003), a legal humor book, and “I Will Sing Life: Voices from the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp” (Little, Brown & Co., 1992), a book about seven children from Paul Newman’s camp who have life-threatening illnesses.

Ms. Lithwick was awarded the Online News Association’s award for online commentary in 2001. She received a B.A degree in English from Yale University in 1990 and a J.D degree from Stanford Law School in 1996.

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