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Chanan Rosin


AFRO-JEWISH DANCE VIBRATION Deep memories he has, wrapped to an African mama’s back on summer afternoons listening to voices of laughter and song. A white Jewish boy carries with him a taste of the African people and culture, and at the same time faithful and observant Hassidic Judaism.

If "man be the tree of the field," this tree took its roots out of African soil and replanted itself in his ancestral land of Judah and Israel. This is the story of Chanan Rosin and his musical expression: Majuda (meaning “The Jewish Nation” in native Zulu).

Now in Jerusalem, the project Majuda is being launched. Working alongside quality young musicians with similar stories and tastes, Chanan has produced the first ever Afro–Jewish music spectacle in Israel. This show is sure to leave any audience energized and in great spirit. His band carries an array of experience, enthusiasm, soul and sheer musical brilliance.

Vocally, Majuda presents multi-harmonic arrangements of singable African chanting melodies, Hebrew and French rap and biblical Middle Eastern undertones. These are accompanied by Chanan’s unique African-guitar styles; Accentuated by percussionist Elad Ne’eman’s rhythms, performing humor and poetic genius; Sweet melody taken to new realms with singer and saxophonist young, divine, Frenchman Raphael Barkats; Meir Assor brings authentic African drum patterns and high energy drumming; Carried by natural groovemaster, bassist Ilan Kenan.


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