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Hadara Levin Areddy


Funny, brainy and soulful, Hadara is a phenomenal singer/song writer, a genius of heart and lyrics. An honored Film/TV graduate of NYU, Hadara lived 7 years in NYC, where at the age of 24 she directed an independent full-length feature film. Returning to Jerusalem, she authored a poetry book (Papaya Zoom), directed some documentaries, and worked as a freelance writer for several leading magazines.

At the age of 37 Hadara kick started her music career, without any previous notion, experience or relevant education. Since then, she has released 13 albums, ranging from folk to hip hop, establishing herself as one of the most innovative and inspiring artists in the Israeli indie scene. Madly prolific, with a deep sense of cool & style, with gutsy, sharp lyrics & mellifluous melodies, she owns a most powerful edge in her live performances, verging on smart comedy. In 2005 Hadara was nominated for the BEST SINGER and BEST SONG awards of the Israeli Music TV. Her live concerts have been transmitted on BBC World, Romanian TV and major Israeli networks. Her first HEBREW album, venturing into the deep of both, Hebrew and hip hop, was released in 2008, receiving outstanding reviews, setting her as the queen of words and soul in the intellectual arena. Her albums are brilliant manifestations of soul, wit, groove and excellent song writing. Edgy and soulful, brutally honest and sexy, her work is a personal journey into the tears and sweat of a true artist. In 2012 she went independent again (after a 7 year Major Label contract) and released the quaint EP "Who's Gonna Stop Me Now". In 2013 she ventured into her 12th album, "Song, Naked - The Lost Songs", releasing 21 previously unreleased, lost songs, collected from gritty rehearsal jams. In 2015 Hadara released her 13th album, "Rage Against the Eclipse", entitled thus after her first novel.

Hadara is also a freelance writer of op and personal columns for several leading magazine. (Haaretz, Ha-makom, Hebrew Playboy, Ynet, Walla). Her colums are known for their eloquence, edge and courageously iconoclastic stand. She's also blogging her rebel heart and critical opinions on personal, social, political, religious and cultural issues, at "The Back Yard", her own (Hebrew) blog joint, or sometimes in a spoken work youtubes, like "The Song about Sayed Kashua".

In 2014 Hadara published her first novel, the bright & iconoclastic Rage Againgt The Eclipse (in Hebrew) and won first place in the literary competition of the Smith Award for first novels. In the form of a personal journal of an aging indie homosexual musician, it tells the story of the protagonist's triangle relationships with his younger boyfriend and with a younger pop-star. It's also a hip, brilliant and funny alternative-commentary on the current Israeli cultural and political state-of-mind.

Hadara is currently completing her second poetry book (Hebrew), entitled "Till Next In Hell - Comedy on the Verge of a Breakdown", where she exposes her rebellious, progressive notion on love, old age, man Vs. woman, social issues and science Vs. religion.

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