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Jeremy Shuback


As the Animation Director at BimBam, Jeremy Shuback has brought together over seventy shorts on subjects ranging the gamut of Jewish Education. Most notable was directing the eScapegoat – a traveling (goat) web app that collected sins in preparation for Yom Kippur. It received tens of thousands of atonements and was featured in the WSJ, CNN, NPR, WaPo, and many other papers.

With The Jewish Life Cycle series, his team created thirty three pieces covering everything from Jewish Births to Jewish Funerals. He continues to expand BimBam’s series of animated shorts and supports educators and artists to create boundary-breaking Jewish content.

The grandson of a Rabbi, he’s always been deeply involved in his Jewish Community. He’s led High Holiday services, staffed dozens of Jewish retreats and trips, and worked as a Hebrew School Teacher for years.

Before starting at BimBam, Jeremy worked as an artist / educator and lectured in over a hundred cities across the US. To date, he has taught over 100,000 people through his online crash courses and done backgrounds, visual effects, and title sequences for a dozen movies.


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