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Lydia Greer


Lydia Greer is a visual artist whose layered, mixed media work includes sculptural and video installation, hand-made stop motion animation, single and multiple channel video, puppet theatre, and works with paper. Lydia is interested in the most elaborate forms of storytelling as well as the narrative charge of everyday objects and how these communication ceremonies play out in the personal, spiritual and historical/political arena. Lydia is a founder and the Artistic Director of Facing West Shadow Opera: a collective of artists, filmmakers, and musicians hybridizing art forms including live opera, original animation, shadow theatre and found film to create unique performances, each akin to a living graphic novel with euphoria-inducing chamber music. Lydia has taught visual art, animation, film and film history/visual studies for over 15 years on the West Coast and lives and works in the East San Francisco Bay Area, California


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