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Malki Rose


Malki is a media producer, chef and Jewish researcher from Melbourne, Australia.

She enjoys bringing science, history and torah together in a wonderful tour de force of outrageousness in her plight for the ultimate truth. Her lectures have included “Moshiach: Are we there yet?” (in which she blamed/praised Aristotle and the Fibonacci Sequence for this whole Messianic mess!) and more recently “Flatland and the Two Torahs” (or how Carl Sagan and Issac Asimov were the only ones who really understood the Torah as an entity!).

She is currently completing a documentary film entitled “Baggage Claim: Damaged Goods” (A personal journey to discover whether Jewish emotional baggage is unique to her Holocaust surviving family or a universal experience in all Jews, migrants and refugees). Malki is also a regular writer on the Australian Jewish Community Blog “The Sensible Jew”.

And when she’s not cooking up a storm for her homemade gourmet food and catering business, Made with Luv, she can be found either camping in the mountains of the Victorian countryside, hanging out with her nieces and nephews, or at the end of a microphone crooning her favourite Jazz, Blues and Broadway hits. Malki loved doing her G-dcast on Parshat Chukkat and cant wait for more, more, more!


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