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Andy Shapiro Katz

Rabbi Andy Shapiro Katz received smicha in 2004 from Rabbi Daniel Landes and Rav Aryeh Strikovksy after spending two years in the Pardes Educators Program & Advanced Rabbinics Track and three years at the Conservative Yeshiva.

Andy has taught Talmud and Jewish History at the Weber Jewish Community High School in Atlanta and the Jewish Community High School of the Bay in San Francisco, where he also served as Assistant Head of School.

Since moving to Israel in 2010 to help found Kehilat Beerot, a pluralistic community in Beer Sheva, he has served as the Director of General Studies for the Alexander Muss High School in Israel's Negev Campus and the Director of Resource Development for Atid Bamidbar.

Andy has been a fellow in the Shalom Hartman's Institute's Tichon Program, the Lookstein Principal's Program of Bar-Ilan University, and the Day School Leadership Training Institute (DSLTI) at the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Andy holds a BA in American Studies and an MA in Education Administration from Stanford University, and an MBA from Ben-Gurion University.

Andy is an avid cook who runs monthly pop-up restaurants at a local soup kitchen in Beer Sheva.

Before moving to Israel in 2010, he was active in San Francisco's Mission Minyan with his wife Emily, also a Jewish educator. They have four children.


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