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Stereo Sinai


Stereo Sinai is the Good Book like you've never heard it before. If Kelly Clarkson and Gnarls Barkley had been on the mountain with Moses, they would have come down sounding a lot like Stereo Sinai. Mixing conservation with innovation, the band is working to lend renewed relevance to ancient texts. Miriam Brosseau (vocals/guitar/songwriter) and Alan Jay Sufrin (vocals/guitar/bass/producer/songwriter) had been making their own music for several years before Stereo Sinai came along. One day, Alan and Miriam teamed up to write a lullaby in what would become their unique ancient/modern style. Stereo Sinai's "Biblegum Pop" is the flip side to Ray Charles' and Kanye West's pioneering steps, fusing traditional gospel music with modern themes. Taking original Hebrew verses from the book of Judges and mixing them with a synthesized pop arrangement, the band's first single, "Gideon's Song," was born. Stereo Sinai is also committed to acting as a socially responsible and environmentally conscious outfit in every respect. Stereo Sinai is already making its mark on the local and international music scenes. The group won the 2008 Tibera Battle of the Bands, and it has been featured at Chicago landmarks such as the Chicago Cultural Center and the Cubby Bear. Most recently, Stereo Sinai represented Chicago at the 2008 International Jewish Music Festival Competition in Amsterdam. Stereo Sinai is a self-managed music project unaffiliated with any music label. The band is always on the lookout for new opportunities for bookings and radio play. Contact the band at info@stereosinai.com.


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