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A web app to help you atone. Like in Bible Times, only nerdier.

The eScapegoat roams the Internet collecting sins before Yom Kippur. This web app is inspired by the Yom Kippur rituals from the time of the Temple in which a goat is symbolically burdened with the sins of the Jewish people. In the app, this action is symbolized by a whimsical animated goat receiving the sins that users share with it. 

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It’s Yom Kippur, and this goat wants your sins

“Blending ancient tradition with modern innovation, there’s a newish Jewish Web app to help you lighten the load of guilt and spill your bad deeds…eScapegoat…lets you type your confessions in a Twitter-friendly format and see others’ also. Best of all, you can remain utterly anonymous. Rabbis might call this cheating. We’re having too much fun to care.”


Atoning for Yom Kippur—There’s an App for That

“‘What I love about it is that people who might not go to synagogue…might be inspired to participate in a Jewish ritual that’s gone on for thousands of years,’ says Rabbi Sydney Mintz of Congregation Emanu El”


Unloading Your Sins: There’s An App For That

“If you can tweet, then you can atone.”

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