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B’tzelem Elohim singalong

Learn the words to the Jewish camp song!

B’tzelem Elohim means “in the image of God” and this wonderful song by Dan Nichols teaches so much about the spirit of kavod, or honor and respect, that each person deserves for being a person created in that image. You don’t have to be special to deserve respect – just a PERSON. We all have a song to sing…just open your heart and let it out!

Performed by Isaac Zones and recorded in San Francisco.

B’tzelem Elohim
Writer Name & PRO Information: Daniel Nichols (ASCAP)
Publisher Name & PRO Information: Clashing Plaids (ASCAP) and Little Nanny Dichols Music (ASCAP). Administered by Bluewater Music Services Corp. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.


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