Find quality educational resources that align with our Chanukah story video.

Chanukah Lesson Guide

This 4-page curriculum, based on the episode by our screenwriter Matthue Roth, includes comprehension and discussion questions, an activity about resisting oppression, another explaining how to make your own Chanukah music video, a third compare/contrast exercise with G-dcast Spins Chanukah to another Chanukah film- Lights: The Miracle of Chanukah. This lesson also comes with a detailed essay prompt to be completed at home.

This curriculum was written by Evan Wolkstein.

Chanukah “I Am Fine” Song Lyrics

Sing along to “I Am Just Fine,” a Chanukah song by Dan Saks.

Chanukah “I Am Fine” Song (MP3)

Enjoy this free download of “I Am Just Fine,” a Chanukah song written and performed by Dan Saks. This song is featured in our Chanukah Story video. Don’t forget to download the lyrics too. Happy Chanukah!

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