Find quality educational resources that align with our LEGO Sukkot and Back to Basics Sukkot videos.

LEGO Sukkot Teachers’ Guide

Use this teachers’ guide to bring our LEGO Sukkot video into your classroom! This guide includes discussion questions and several active learning activities to get your students making, creating and learning.

Recommended age: 3rd grade and up

Sukkot Back to Basics Lesson Guide

Focusing on Hadara Levin-Areddy’s song about the Book of Kohelet, this 3-page lesson includes comprehension and discussion questions, a role-play activity, a creative writing exercise about metaphor, and an experiential learning activity about kavanah.
This curriculum was written by Evan Wolkstein.

Sukkot Back to Basics Song Lyrics

Sing along with Hadara Levin-Areddy with our Sukkot Back to Basics song.

Sukkot Source Sheet (Kohelet)

Find our free source sheet to teach about Sukkot. This source sheet includes the Book of Kohelet (Ecclesiastes) Chapters 1-12 in English. This resources goes great with our Sukkot Teachers Guide.

Sukkot Back to Basics Song (MP3)

Enjoy this free download of our Sukkot Back to Basics song written and performed by Hadara Levin-Areddy. Don’t forget to download the lyrics too!

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