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Chesed, Tzedakah, and Tzedek:
What’s the Difference

By Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg

Do you know the difference between these Jewish practices?

Understand the differences between chesed (loving kindness), tzedakah (charitable giving) and tzedek (justice) with Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg and learn how you can use them to change the world for good.

Chesed is the Jewish practice of loving kindness or caring for someone else. It is voluntary and individual. That means that we choose to give something over to someone else out of personal connection. Some examples of chesed are giving food to the hungry or visit someone who is sick.

Tzedakah is the Jewish practice of charitable giving or donating money. Jews are obligated to give some of our money those who are in need.

How do racism, sexism or homophobia contribute to someone falling into poverty or in need of help? Tzedek, or justice, is a Jewish practice that is focused on changing the systems in place in our society so that there is greater equality and resources for those who need it.

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