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Abraham’s Tent: Learning about Jewish Hospitality

By The West Coast NCSY

Why is Jewish Hospitality so important? Why was Abraham chosen to drop everything and lead the Israelites back in Bible times? Was it Abe’s willingness to open his house to strangers? Was it his overall openness to listen to those around him? This video aligns the concept of Jewish hospitality or welcoming guests (in Hebrew הכנסת אורחים or Hachnasat Orchim) with historical rabbinic interpretations of Abraham.

This video was created in partnership with West Coast NCSY. A very special thank you to each of the writers, narrators, producers, directors, sound engineers, musicians, educational advisors, artists and animators that contributed to this particular animated interpretation of this biblical tale including Rabbi Moshe Adatto, Barbara Barza, Rabbi David Bashevkin, PJ Cherrin, Josh Cohen, Lom Friedman, Solly Hess, Sarah Lefton, Rachel Levinson, Kevin Macleod, Emily Savage, Jeremy Shuback, Adam Simon, Jeanne Stern, Matthue Roth and Evan Wolkenstein.

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