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What is a Mitzvah?

Intro to the Commandments

How can we become a mensch (ethical and caring person)? In the Jewish tradition, it all starts with doing a mitzvah. A mitzvah literally means command or commandment but it can also mean doing a good deed. Watch our video to learn more about the Jewish commandments and how you can bring them into your life in meaningful ways.

Mitzvot (plural or mitzvah) are commandments, traditionally understood to come from G-d and are intended for the Jewish people to observe. There are exactly 613 commandments that are written in the Torah (Hebrew Old Testament).

Not all Jews observe all the commandments but there are several common commandments that many Jews observe like observing the Shabbat, keeping kosher, celebrating Jewish holidays, etc. Many of the commandments are also pretty universal acts in order to be a good person in the world like taking care of the sick or welcoming guests into your home.

This video was written and narrated by Rabbi Jill Cozen-Harel, based in San Francisco.

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