Torah & Texts

Psalm 1

By Elijah Aaron

Psalm 1: like many of these Biblical poems, it contrasts the “righteous” person with the “wicked” and the “sinner”. Elijah Aaron (writer, narrator) and Ted Newiss (animator) explore the path of the righteous in their new adaption in poetry, music and animation.

“Happy and free of sin and sorrow, is the man who comes to follow, the righteous in his ways…” (Adapted from Psalm 1)


In 2013, BimBam invited artists and poets from around the world to reinterpret a biblical psalm of their choice.  Each of the submitted entries expressed a unique perspective into Jewish life and art today. While a panel of judges ultimately selected adaptions of Psalm 1Psalm 23Psalm 42 and Psalm 90, many of the semi-finalists can be heard on soundcloud (here).


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This project was made possible with generous support from The Koret Foundation, as part of its Initiative on Jewish Peoplehood.

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