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Make Your Own Tzit Tzit

Jewish Arts Educator Emma Jaszczak Shows You How

Learn to tie your very own tzit tzit in this step-by-step DIY tutorial video featuring Jewish arts educator Emma Jaszczak.

Tzit Tzits (tseet-tseet or TSIT-sis) are strings or tassels tied to each of the corners of a Jewish prayer shawl or tallit. They are widely considered a reminder to think of G-d at all times. Watch our easy-to-follow video to learn how to tie your own tzit tzit.

When you buy a tallit from a Judaica store, the tzit tzits are usually knotted according to a specific pattern from Sephardi, Askenazi or Mizrahi tradition. They fulfill the following commandments in Numbers 37 in the Torah:

“Speak to the Israelite people and instruct them to make for themselves fringes on the corners of their garments through the ages; let them attach a cord of blue to the fringe at each corner. That shall be your fringe; look at it and recall all the commandments of G-d and observe them….”

For more examples of tzit tzit typing:

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