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The Fantastical Tale of Shimon Bar Yochai in The Cave

By Rick Cohen and Daniel Roher

Created in chevruta, partnership, between a visual artist and a writer as part of our 2012-3 Studio G-dcast program: a wonderfully woven talmudic tale about a Rabbi named Shimon Bar Yochai and his  time spent in the confines of dark cave with his son, fleeing an oppressive Roman regime whilst never loosing connection with Adonai.

Despite the horrible conditions of the living situation they’re forced to inhabit after being run out of town by the Romans, God provides for his two loving subjects a water well and a carob tree. The story is a narrative about an undying loyalty to God as Shimon and his son are unwilling to give up their daily rituals of prayer and make great sacrifices in the name of God. Just think if you were forced into a cave for years and years, would you pray and study every day like Shimon Bar Yochai and his son.

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