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Two Wicks in One Flame, from Gittin 58a Talmud Bavli

By Ilya Khodosh and Liat Shalom

Talmud, interpreted by emerging artists

Artists’ statement: Two Wicks in One Flame is a Babylonian Talmud story about a down-on-his-luck carpenter who asks his apprentice for a loan.

The apprentice agrees, but only if the carpenter’s wife comes to collect the money. So begins a provocative Babylonian Talmud story in which a marriage and a friendship are pushed to the limit.

But can we really know what happened in Gittin? Who had ulterior motives? Who was the perpetrator and who was the victim? And the biggest mystery of all: why did G-d look down on this love triangle and decide to destroy their city of Betar? We chose to tell the tale with rhythm and humor, so we made it rhyme and put some (awesome) guitar accompaniment underneath. In the Gittin film, three unlikely narrators take up the spirit of Babylonian Talmudic debate to puzzle through what really happened and why.

Created in chevruta, or partnership, between a visual artist and a writer as part of a 2012-3 program called Studio G-dcast.

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Gittin 58a

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